Aaron Reiter By Aaron Reiter • August 14, 2017

InterProse Featured in Collection Industry How-To Book

Independent validation is difficult to attain in the software industry. To achieve spontaneous recognition for having a superior solution means a company has done something that makes it stand out in a crowded field. In the congested segment of debt collection software, InterProse has been steadily advancing its platform to not only be competitive, but dominant.

However, there is a balance to be struck between leading by example and hoping every potential customer takes note of your awesomeness, and promoting the capabilities that are so diligently being advanced.

Part of any promotion strategy is to get unaffiliated, objective attention from reputable sources. Oh, and that the attention is positive and helps further the goal of growing market share. This type of notoriety builds upon itself as one publication or author leverages validation by reinforcing the statements of another in the same topic. 

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We're still on our way to achieving that self-sustaining level of validation, but it is building steadily because our software solutions are so strong. A recent unpaid brand call-out of InterProse's WebAR debt collection software platform can be found in the book, "How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Collection Agency Business", by Kristie Lorette & Emonica Dames, available through Amazon or other fine retailers. 

On page 118, Lorette and Dames specifically highlighted InterProse's debt recovery platform as a web-based collection software platform, saying, "As long as you have Internet access, you have access to [WebAR]." Ours is one of the few, truly web-based software platforms available in this market, and we are excited to be recognized in a how-to book aimed at highlighting best-practices in the industry of debt collection. 

There are many features of WebAR we feel differentiate it from its competition, but Lorette and Dames did highlight one of the biggest advantages. Choosing a web-based platform in today's technology world is the most secure, efficient, flexible, and modern way to run a collection agency.

Not spending thousands of dollars per year to keep onsite servers PCI DSS, AICPA/SOC (SSAE 16), or FISMA compliant pays for the software all by itself in many cases, as those standards are inherited by all InterProse customers. Additionally, if you have finicky clients who demand high levels of security or proof of security audits, InterProse voluntarily submits to the rigorous AICPA/SOC audits to exceed most any request.

InterProse is proud of WebAR and thrilled to receive recognition from an independent source, especially a published book. Thank you to authors, Kristie Lorette and Emonica Dames for giving WebAR, and InterProse, a little piece of immortality. 

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