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InterProse is growing rapidly and this page changes frequently. Just because you do not see a position that fits your unique qualifications today does not mean there won't be an opening next week. 

We get it, InterProse has a great reputation as an amazing place to work and we understand why you are anxious to get a shot at a desk. We expect to double in size over the next 3 years, so that means more jobs! Don't lose the faith.

In fact, if you want to just get your resume on file, we are happy to receive it and give you a shout when we have an opening that fits your capabilities.

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Put people and computer skills to use in a fast-paced environment filled with laughter, encouragement to try new things, enthusiastic support for creativity, teamwork, and best of all: no commute to Portland!

  • Implementation Onboarding Specialist
    Bring the magic of a new software platform to life for InterProse's newest customers! Build lasting relationships by supercharging business models with ACE.

It's Software, People - This is FUN

InterProse is a fun place to work

We are very careful about our office culture. After all, who wants to be unhappy at work? Firmly entrenched in our values is a belief that those who have fun and enjoy each other as people are more successful professionals, so your ability to play nicely in the sandbox will be just as important as your professional skillset.

Everyone talks to everyone because our departments are decidedly un-siloed. Implementation works closely with customer service. Everyone communicates with the development team (they would probably like more privacy). Sales is constantly roaming around gathering information and being noisy. Marketing gets regular updates from all departments to make sure external communications are accurate and timely. Management is not only involved, they're just a door or two down, open and available for a conversation. 

InterProse has been around for over two decades with consistent executives and founding members who believe strongly in the power of hiring people who complement their strengths. Our new hires fill in our weaknesses and bring fresh perspectives.

We only ask you to strive to be the best at what you do and work toward our common goals. We love to compete in this market and work toward our vision as a team.

The Daily Huddle

InterProse Daily Huddle for Team building

Don't worry, even though we're sticking with the team sports metaphor for a moment, rest assured we are a giant box of nerds. While we are a safe home for printed tees and obscure sci-fi references, communication and comradery are two of our most important strengths as a team. Every morning, we meet up, in person, to get on the same page.

Yep, every day. This "Daily Huddle" is one of the secrets to our rapid growth because we are all aware of each other's priorites, challenges, and successes. 

Our customers are our partners and they know all of us. Sales starts the conversation and learns their stories, Implementation camps out with them for weeks of learning, Development does the tailor fitting, and Customer Service is always there to help. Our customers' successes are directly tied to our own, so we are hyper-focused on positive outcomes, whatever phase of our relationship.