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2.27.19 | State of InterProse Annual Address

Sign up to hear our executive staff cover the leaps forward in 2018 and the ones to come in 2019.  We'll begin with Matthew Hill, President & CEO, where he'll give the corporate overview and direction, then get progressively deeper into the weeds as our CTO covers security and priorities for future enhancements.

Next will be some new feature demonstrations and our directors of implementations and support will describe the enhancements they have made to their departments' processes and structure. 

2018 was a major growth year for InterProse and 2019 is shaping up to be just as busy, if not busier! Thank you to all of you who have been a part of that success!

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11.1.18 | Debt Recovery & Text Messaging - Why and How

Click on the link to the right to listen to this informative webinar on how this communication method is used to reach all generations. Learn about strategies for staying compliant and how effective this has been for early adopters. 

Texting is the preferred method of communication for a large segment of the population, including the consumers you want to reach. Whether you are an InterProse customer or not, Solutions by Text can help you understand how this modern communication platform can enhance your operation while keeping you out of trouble with regulators.

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Listen to a recording of the webinar:


1.24.18 | State of InterProse Annual Address

InterProse leadership presented on the state of the company and flagship software, ACE. Starting with the 10,000ft level, executive level view from Matthew Hill to the 1,000ft level technical details from our CTO, Greg Johnson, all the way down to ground level showing off some new features within ACE with Kindra Clark, one of our Implementation Gurus.

2017 was a busy year for InterProse and 2018 is slated to be even busier! Thank you to all of our customers for the opportunity to serve your debt collection software needs!

Listen to a recording of the webinar:


12.13.17 | Integrating Text Messaging into Debt Collection Strategies

Are you afraid to use text messaging, or SMS, to communicate with your consumers? Fear not, there are ways to leverage this technology while staying fully compliant and we are here to help you understand it!

InterProse invited Solutions by Text cohosted an educational webinar to explain this modern communication strategy. Everything from the processes to stay compliant to the required technology was explained in detail

Special guest, Rick Bonitzer, President and CEO of Credit Collection Partners in Illinois provided a live demonstration, including a screen share of his mobile phone, and a case study of how his company has leveraged, and benefited from, integrating Solutions by Text as a communication technology.

Listen to a recording of the webinar:


12.19.18 - 1PM ET | Avoiding Avoidable Mistakes & Staying Out of Court

InterProse sponsored another great AccountsRecovery.net webinar, this time on the topic of avoidable mistakes agencies or departments make that open themselves up to lawsuits. 

The featured speakers all had excellent input and professional recommendations for agency owners and operators, so grab a pen and notepad and get ready for some writer's cramp!

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11.14.18 | How to Stay Competitive and Stay Compliant

How to Stay Compliant and Competitive in Debt Collection Market

Staying competitive and staying compliant are often opposing forces, but in today's world, that can no longer be the case. Agencies need to be effective in both of these important areas to grow and thrive. 

In this webinar, sponsored by InterProse, a panel of leading ARM industry executives will share their tips for balancing competitiveness and compliance to ensure they are good at both. 

For any agency executive seeking to improve their efficiency and profitability, this is a must-attend event. 

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10.3.18 | What Criteria Should Collection Agencies Use When Evaluating Software Solutions?

What Criteria Should Collection Agencies Use When Evaluating Software Solutions?

There are more software platforms and applications available to collection agencies than ever before. Each solution has its own bells and whistles, so comparing, contrasting, and evaluating those offerings to determine which is the best fit can be a cumbersome and daunting process.

In this webinar, sponsored by InterProse, a panel of collection agency executives will share their blueprints for assessing software offerings in order to make decisions about purchasing and procurement. For any agency that is in the process of evaluating 

software or has plans to do so in the not-too-distant future, this webinar will offer important insights to help guide that process. 

 Webinar Recording

6.26.18 | How to Conduct a Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments have become an everyday occurrence in the ARM industry. But there really isn't a manual for teaching collection agencies how to conduct a risk assessment, or how to address the issues that an effective assessment raises. 

A panel of experts joined AccountsRecovery.net for this webinar, sponsored by InterProse, as they share their experiences with the aim of helping educate others about this important procedure.
Webinar Recording
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6.14.18 | Safety, Security and Compliance in Web-Based Software

The most modern software solutions available today, including those for the ARM industry, are web-based. Web-based software presents its own security and compliance nuances, especially for heavily regulated industries like debt collections. 

A panel of experts joined AccountsRecovery.net for this webinar, sponsored by InterProse. They share their tips and best practices in managing the safety, security, and compliance of web-based software.

Webinar Recording
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2.15.18 | Which Audits Should You Have Done and Why

AccountsRecovery.net under the guidance of Mike Gibb, an industry fixture, invited industry experts to provide insights into the very complex process of staying compliant in the ARM industry.

This webinar covers which audits a collection agency should have completed and why they should be done.

To find out what audits InterProse customers "inherit" just by being ACE users, check out our resources here:


 Listen to a recording of the webinar:


11.30.17 | How Changes at the CFPB Will Affect the ARM Industry

AccountsRecovery.net responded to the rapid 2017 changes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by arranging this webinar conversation with 3 legal experts to give listeners expert perspectives on how those changes will likely affect their industry.

This informal, conversational format was excellent - like you were enjoying a cup of coffee with three experts who have access to information and people you wouldn't normally hear from. 

Joann Needleman, Clark HillScott E. Wortman, Blank Rome LLP Christopher Willis, Ballard Spahr

 Listen to a recording of the webinar: