An "Open" Philosophy


Modern software technology is constantly evolving. InterProse is intentionally positioned to take advantage of changes as tech evolves and apply new collection industry compliance safeguards.

Our team is dedicated to "relentless innovation", and maintains that pledge by keeping open minds to innovative solutions and technology advancements.


InterProse ACE is an open software platform. By implementing modern, open architecture, our web-based debt recovery software, virtual agent, and payment solutions can scale with our customers' businesses as they grow or contract. 

Open API connections permit you to utilize third party vendors of your choice and InterProse will never lock you into a proprietary solution.

Computing in "The Cloud"


Remember when people didn't trust the web to be secure? Remember when people thought the "cloud" wasn't an actual place, but some magical mist where data just floated around and could be pulled down at a moment's notice?

Those days are over (mostly). Today, most consumers and business owners understand that data centers, with their physical hard drives and high speed connections, are the cloud.

What's more, the high physical and digital security each of these data fortresses employ means your information is more secure in that remote building than in a server down the hall.


You may still be thinking, "I bet it's cheaper if I just do this stuff myself on my own server." Nope. InterProse saved one customer over $15,000 in annual costs associated with database and software licenses, compliance audits, and security certifications. At the time, that was more than the subscription to our software!

Multiply that number by just 100 of our customers, and our platform saves them over $1.5M in annual costs that have nothing to do with running their day-to-day businesses. We take care of the infrastructure compliance and security.

In 2017, we moved our software and customers to Amazon AWS cloud computing infrastructure. There is no higher security or more rigorously audited infrastructure in the world.

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