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National Park Bucket List

Victoria 300px squareA hobby of travel experiences with a target to visit at least one National Park every year while working is what keeps Victoria Anderson on our team motivated to maximize her PTO time. If you find yourself chatting with Victoria about our software system in her role as our Client Relations Coordinator (her role is making sure you are all wildly successful!), you can easily distract her with questions about her favorite travel experiences. 
With a few days off before her first day at InterProse in late 2019, she and her boyfriend, Dennis, had the idea to go to Yellowstone on a whim. They drove all twelve hours from their home in Portland, Or to the park. She describes how other-worldly the park felt though it really wasn't really that far from home. To make the trip sweeter, Dennis proposed in Grand Teton National Park at the end of the trip! 
Victoria has always enjoyed being in the outdoors but the splendor of the national parks takes that love of wildlands to another level. From her very first national park experience, she was immediately hooked. Getting to see the wildlife and learning about the ecosystems and the history of the parks fascinates her, feeding her innate curiosity. Since getting the bug, you can find her purchasing books and magazines to learn about all of the parks to refine her bucket list. 
"The whole ride home from Yellowstone was spent calling friends and family about the news of our engagement!"
Since the Yellowstone trip, she has visited quite a few more parks: Volcanoes NP in Hawaii, Joshua Tree in California and Zion in Utah. The next parks at the top of the list are Glacier National Park in Montana and Yosemite in California. 
Victoria is still relatively young, but there are lots of National Parks to populate her annual pilgrimages, so she won't get to them all before retirement age - that's why she has a grand plan that upon retirement, she and Dennis will hit the road with their dogs to see the rest. 
Yellowstone National Park
This picture was taken just before my career with InterProse began - and just before Dennis put a ring on my finger!
Grand Teton National Park
Here we are! Freshly engaged in the Grand Tetons! Shout out to the friendly strangers who happened upon us and offered to take our picture. 
Zion National Park
If you haven't been to Zion yet, I can attest that that is the place to spend your 30th birthday. Magical.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Since we seem to be marking marital milestones with National Parks, I'm going to keep with that theme and clue you in that Volcanoes National Park on Kona at the lava flows was where we spent our honeymoon. Such a beautiful place!
Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park with a couple of my sisters to mark Jenni's 40th birthday was a fantastic trip filled with that unique desert beauty.