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An Eye for Composition

Christine Barr_250pxMeet Christine Barr, a Business Analyst/Project Manager on InterProse's team with a talent for photography and  a deep passion for the great outdoors. 

Residing in the picturesque state of Minnesota, Christine has crafted a fulfilling life surrounded by her loving husband, three energetic sons, and their faithful canine companion, Mocha. Together, they form a close-knit family that shares a mutual appreciation for adventure and the natural beauty that Minnesota has to offer.

Christine's meticulous attention to detail makes her an invaluable asset to our team and the customers she works with. Those talents  really benefit her work as a photographer where she captures the essence of life's fleeting moments, turning them into timeless memories. Skillfully chronicling the milestones of family journeys through portrait photography and the breathtaking Minnesota landscapes through a camera lens is a balance of talents most artists struggle to attain.

You can find Christine, and her camera, enjoying the great outdoors while fishing, hiking or playing with her family as their love for the outdoors is a way of life they all share, informing a deep appreciation for the world around them.

Christine's diverse interests and talents make her a fascinating individual who embodies the perfect blend of professional acumen and a zest for life. Her story is one of dedication, balance, and the pursuit of fulfillment both in the corporate arena and the beauty of nature that surrounds her.

Farm Babies
Farm Babies - A good friend of mine owns a hobby farm and let me capture some images of her son and the baby ducks. I usually try to avoid harsh sunlight directly on my subjects, but it worked here!
Great Grandmother Holding Hands with Great Granddaughter

Great Grandmother Holding Hands with Great-Granddaughter - My favorite part of photography is capturing connections between people and this one I hope is cherished forever.


Newborn - The newborn stage is so fleeting, I love being able to capture brand-new babies.  I liked the backlighting from the window on this one.


Lupines - a few years back, we had a beautiful Lupine bloom at a local wildlife refuge. A reward for a harsh winter! This photo was taken near golden hour- the hour before sunset offering the most flattering, soft light.

My Sons

My sons - my favorite people to photograph, yet the most challenging! A lot of bribing takes place to get them to sit still for 5 minutes ;) 

Hazy Sunflower Evening
Hazy Sunflower Evening - The evening haze over the sunflower field added some really interesting light effects.
Lake Fog
Lake Fog - The fall air makes for some beautiful fog effects on the glassy early morning water of our favorite lakes.
Hoarfrost - Every year in Minnesota we get this beautiful hoarfrost that coats the trees and brush.
Serenity Creek
Serenity Lake - This is a great perspective shot taken at my sister in law's cabin retreat- serenity!