Aaron Reiter By Aaron Reiter • March 11, 2019

Lean on Me

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Collection agencies are expected to be very good at recovering unpaid debts on behalf of companies and entities that have neither the resources nor expertise to do so themselves. But, it seems as though in today’s world, they are also being asked to become technology experts as well. And, as you know the old saying goes, “Jack of all trades; master of none.” 

RolodexTo be fair, in today’s world collection agencies need to have some knowledge and understanding of technology and telephony. The days of Rolodexes and file cards are long gone (I assume if you still use file cards you haven't found this blog), and to expect agencies to be well-versed on all the latest IT developments may be asking a bit much. That’s why it’s important for collection agencies to really lean on their vendors and use the expertise they have to help understand and adapt to the evolving technology landscape. 

Vendors not only know their technology, they have to know how their technology interacts with many other systems and networks around the world. They have the benefit of seeing into many different companies and seeing how technology is being used, both right and wrong. Their insight can be invaluable to a company seeking information about whether to deploy a new system or upgrade their infrastructure. 

New Call-to-actionCollection agencies that choose not to reach out to their vendors as a resource are not taking full advantage of a very valuable and inexpensive resource. Vendors are subject-matter experts in their field and can provide insights at both a high-level as well as from in the trenches. A situation you are going through may feel unique to you, but, chances are, your vendor has dealt with it before with another client, and can provide some perspective about the options and how to make the best decision. 

Lest we not forget, you are the customer to your vendors. It’s their intention to serve you and to make you a happy customer. Going to them with a question or a problem should not be viewed as an imposition, it’s a chance for us to make you more satisfied, to further enhance our value and partnership to you. It’s a chance for us to show you what we’re made of. 

So go ahead, ask as many questions as you want. We look forward to it!