Aaron Reiter By Aaron Reiter • July 31, 2017

Don't Fear the Software Conversion!

Is this where I tell you there's nothing to fear and if you embrace a software conversion with InterProse it will be super easy and you'll smile every minute? Nope. Change is challenging and disruptive - that's just a fact. 

The question you need to ask yourself is, "what am I waiting for?" If you are running your business atop an inadequate, obsolete, or legacy platform on a server in your office, or even worse, looking at a green-screen surrounded by yellowing, brittle plastic, you know it's necessary. But we get it, change is time consuming, you know how to get around your system deficiencies, nothing is currently broken, and then there's the paralysis by analysis: which platform do you move to if you do change?

Consider this

Let's start with addressing timing. There is no perfect time, but there sure are moments where decisions become desperate. Compare it to buying a new car or replacing your cell phone - you want to make a decision while the issue is important, but not shrill, so you can properly evaluate your options. If you just dropped your transmission at the last intersection or that weird screen blackout issue became permanent this morning, you've waited too long and are forced to make a rushed decision without the luxury of preparation.

Next, reframe the idea of the software conversion itself. Technology has advanced substantially and upgrading your software platform will give you and your company the ability to leverage the latest security, compliance, integration, automation, and process advantages the industry offers. Focus on increasing efficiencies, limiting liability, accommodating growth, maximizing worth, or heading off of an inevitable disaster. This is an opportunity for advancement, not a process to dread!

Start by listing the items important to you.  Here are some examples:


  • modern compliance assistanceDownload eGuide: Data Analytics, Collecting & Using Your Own Powerful Data
  • maximum security standards
  • open, third-party API integrations
  • intuitive user experience
  • process automations to eliminate wasted time
  • web portals for customer account resolution
  • client portals
  • real-time reportingNew Call-to-action
  • real-time status dashboards
  • one-page account navigation for your employees
  • customizable user-interface
  • free customer service

Evaluate your options

Your business has a focus and a specific profit center. Make sure a software provider accommodates and facilitates what keeps you in business, understands your needs, shares your goals, and continually updates the platform as the market evolves. 

Additionally, quantify your business processes in advance. Identifying opportunities for process efficiency improvements that save labor or hardware costs are very important when considering a replacement software platform. Are you paying for maintaining hardware you can eliminate (like servers)? Are you paying an admin or full-scale employee to transcribe spreadsheets into a central database? Are your employees wasting valuable time by running payments on a stand-alone POS? Is there a segment of your business that could be more efficiently served by a virtual collector, freeing up your staff to focus on higher profit customers?

It isn't enough to just get a price list because a comparison of software vendors is no longer apples-to-apples. Focus on finding a comprehensive, well-supported, ever-improving platform of solutions for an affordable price point. And finally, laying out opportunities for savings is just as important as cost structures

Look hard at InterProse

InterProse got its start in the software business decades ago with a data-mapping product called "Cartographer". Clever, yeah? Our roots are in data conversions and no one does it better. As a software manufacturer, InterProse provides an advanced collections environment to facilitate industry best practices for the third- and first-party collections space with its open, web-based debt collection software platform.

We are a SaaS company, which means we are a service company first and we take our role in our customers' businesses very seriously. Our growth and high customer satisfaction rates are directly tied to our culture of relentless innovation.

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