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Attunely is a Seattle, WA based technology company taking the ARM industry by storm. Having launched in February 2019, Attunely is quickly creating a buzz in the debt recovery market with their advanced machine learning platform and blended team of machine learning, technology, and collections veterans. To date, their platform has delivered an average 15% increase in top line collections.

With a native integration to ACE, and access to data points unique to the web-based ACE platform, Attunely is now equipped to deliver immediate incremental recoveries to all InterProse customers.

Attunely’s integration with ACE is currently their deepest, and all the hard integration work is done. All you have to do is sign up to enjoy the most powerful optimization capabilities available to the debt collection market.

Why Is This Important to You?

You are drowning in data useful for Workflow Optimization. Start swimming.

Attunely dashboardAttunely makes this easy. You have valuable data housed deep within your InterProse system that Attunely can now leverage to boost immediate incremental recoveries.

Whether it’s historical phone calls, Virtual Agent engagement data, or nuanced payment behavior, Attunely uses the native InterProse integration to reach into your historical database to build robust consumer profiles. Combined with proprietary macro-economic and behavioral modeling, Attunely feeds dynamic, targeted recovery strategies back into your existing work lists.

  • Account segmentation and ranking by propensity to pay and expected value
  • Identification of the most effective communication method/cadence
  • Revisiting of dormant accounts with late-stage targeting

Four Steps to Success

Attunely data import map

ONE | Ingest Historical Data

In a few clicks, allow Attunely to ingest your historical account records into their machine learning pipeline directly from InterProse. Again, the integration is
already complete. From there, Attunely forms a deep understanding of each account using your internal status and outcome codes, then maps them to events in the Attunely platform.

Attunely workflow integrationTHREE | Integrate Attunely Into Workflow

With a native integration to ACE, Attunely Scores are merged directly into InterProse, where they can be used as part of your normal operational workflow.

Attunely behavior and economic scoringTWO | Tune Economic & Behavioral Models

Tune a series of proprietary machine learning models to match the historical performance of your portfolios and accounts. Different types of debt use different machine learning models. Each account is individually analyzed and scored across dozens of dimensions.

Attunely filters and account taggingFOUR | Filter & Segment Accounts with Semantic Tagging

Perform deeper segmentation on your accounts using dynamic rule-based filtering. Monitor for account anomalies or create rule-based compliance checks, all without writing a line of code.

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