Vancouver, WA, November 13, 2017 – InterProse, a software company specializing in Software as a Service for the debt recovery market, responded to increasing security and infrastructure compliance demands by investing heavily in a partnership with CorpInfo, a premiere AWS consulting partner, and migrating to Amazon’s AWS Cloud Computing Services for WebAR ACE and its customer database hosting and data storage.

“We believe in leveraging cutting-edge technology as a critical differentiator. We constantly work to improve our software through strategic partnerships and teaming up with Intelitech adds business and data insights already leading to more effective business strategies for our mutual customers.”

 -Matthew Hill, President and CEO; InterProse

Intelitech is a premier analytics & consulting provider for the Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) industry providing consulting and technology solutions to help collection professionals work smarter. Intelitech’s team uses technology to help customers measure, analyze and implement results-oriented solutions, including scoring and data. 

Intelitech pioneered the use, application, and analytics of big data in the ARM space and today serves hundreds of customers across the United States enabling over 600 million intelligence transactions each month.

“The Intelitech Group helps customers work smarter by enabling data-driven decisions through analysis of their inventory, workflow, and performance. Our highly regarded, unique, ongoing customer service coupled with the analytics technology sets us apart in the industry.”

 -Jason Melton, Senior Partner, Client Care; The Intelitech Group

Together, InterProse’s open software platform and Intelitech’s solutions help our customers:

  • Find More Revenue by uncovering and deploying best strategies
  • Improve Consumer Reach by implementing targeted contact strategies
  • Work Safer by identifying high risk and ineligible consumers
  • Continuously Improve Performance by evaluating and testing results

About InterProse

InterProse serves the debt recovery market with its web-based, open-architecture, debt collection software platform. Specializing in efficiency through process automations and capable of integrating third-party technologies to keep pace with modern advancements, InterProse continually upgrades the platform at no charge to its customers and strives to be the most flexible, modern solution available for its target markets of third party debt collections and original credit grantors.

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