Omni Channel Communications Uniquely Built for the ARM Industry

Founded in 2010, Intelligent Contacts has grown from a small technology startup to an enterprise-level cloud contact center provider and Certified PCI-DSS Level 1 provider of innovative payment solutions for the financial services and healthcare industries.

Agent Interface Workflows Hero

Harnessing the power of machine learning and predictive analytics, our dialer increases agent productivity and revenue by up to 25% by dramatically boosting connection rates. Our integration with InterProse connects your system of record with the most advanced unified communication tool in the market.

A Workflow-Driven Interface Your Agents Will Love

Our modern, workflow-driven interface puts your agents in the driver's seat with everything they need to connect, collect and comply - all within one pane of glass!

  • Account Information
  • Scripted greetings and compliance disclosures
  • Dynamic call-flow assist
  • Screen pops of embedded apps
  • A lightning-quick call wrap screen

A Compliance-Focused Integration Partnership

Supervisor Interface - Reg F Settings

Whether it's FDCPA or TCPA compliance to reduce litigation exposure, or managing the CFPB's Final Reg F ruling, our platform has all the guardrails in place to keep your contacts and communications compliant and legal. 

  • Import campaigns created in ACE or create them with us
  • Track & Limit by Period (a day, 7-day, 30-day tracking periods)
  • Limitations can be set system-wide or at the state level
  • Ability to define contacts and communication within the results code
  • Flexibility to control which campaigns will be managed by Reg F (with a simple checkbox) when creating or editing a campaign


Integrated Speech Analytics - Now IncludedSpeech Analytics Hero_1

Speech Analytics has become such a crucial tool for supervisors for compliance management, quality control, and agent training, that we now make it standard with our Hosted Contact Center Solution.

As work-from-home becomes more of the rule rather than an exception, having an effective process for managing and monitoring remote staff will become even more crucial. If allowing your agents to work remotely is the new normal, speech analytics can be an effective way to monitor, train, and manage the productivity of this new workforce. 

  • AI-powered flagging of potentially illegal debtor communications
  • Automated voice and transcript redaction of PII/PCI consumer information
  • Automated agent scorecards for training and performance monitoring


Create Seamless, Omni-Channel Agent Workflows

Reaching a responsible party with a phone call has never been more difficult. This makes digital channels like email, text, chat and voicemail drops, crucial components of a modern collection strategy. These digital channels are exponentially less expensive, responded to more quickly and often, and are actually preferred by most consumers today. 

Launching a compliant omni-channel strategy requires data integration between your system of record and the communication tools (dialer, email, SMS, chat) you're using. With Intelligent Contacts and InterProse ACE, you can rest assured that regardless of the channel, every contact and communication under Regulation F can be tracked and managed. 

Using Data to Drive Decisions

With fluctuating economic & regulatory conditions, and constantly-changing consumer behaviors, trusting your gut isn't as reliable as it used to be. You're sitting on a mountain of data that's begging to tell you how to be more productive and profitable. Even starting small can produce major rewards. 

If any of these initiates resonate with you, let's jump on a call to discuss. Now is always the perfect time to learn about a process that can make you more money!