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Whether you are searching for a new or replacement debt collection software platform or a virtual agent payment portal, InterProse can help. Proudly serving our customers to increase efficiency and profits, we specialize in process automation, third-party integrations, and Dashboard w.shadow.pngintuitive user experiences with our web-based collection platform.

Collection lawyers require a full-featured debt recovery software platform, including features unique to their specific processes. We have found there is no one-size-fits-all platform for attorney collectors as each has unique strategies they employ. We will take your investment in your business with InterProse ACE seriously and work to accommodate your strategies.

We have the ability to configure the platform for new customers to accommodate unique process requirements, and will, within reason, fit your business rather than demanding you conform to our software's default methodology. Larger custom projects may require separate pricing, but we are willing and able to take on those challenges!

Tick the boxes with the feature lists below and then schedule a chat with us. We will enthusiastically schedule a demo of our solutions, ask questions about your business processes and suggest the right software package: Small Business, Professional, or Enterprise. We will never push capabilities you do not need or want.

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Account Management
Handle your early-out debt with your employees first
Use Virtual Agent Collector to communicate with debtors 24/7 via digital channels
Reclassify debt and assign to third-party debt collection agencies
Set parameters for account forwarding and retraction based on custom metrics
Communicate and view agency performance(s) through real-time client portal
Extract reports either through one-time inquiries or via automated updates
Enhance your agency relationships with clear communication and expectation setting


Account Bundling
Attach Documents
Advanced Process Automation
Client Access Portals
Client Trust Accounting
Credit Reporting
Third-Party Vendor Integrations
Dialer, Letter, Skip Tracing, Text Messaging, Voice Mail Drops
Custom Forms
Integrated Virtual Agent Collector
Action Paths (Real-time Strategy Triggers)
Automated Letter / Email Series
Payment Spreading (Auto or Manual)
Report Designer Tools
SQL Reporting
Data Import / Export Tools
Secure File Transfers
Data Analytics
Integrated Credit Card and ACH Processing
Free Support


Virtual Agent Collector
Accept credit cards & ACH payments
Configurable real-time decision engine
Integrate with your current website without modification
Easily create payment plans within the guidelines you define, simple or complex decision trees managed in real time
Create custom settlement offerings based on client, status, balance, age or other data elements
Gather customer information to aid in future collect-ability such as phone numbers, addresses, employment information and more
Optional Virtual Agent Avatar

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