Our Philosophy in One Word


Open Source - By utilizing modern open source technologies for our operating systems, databases and web servers, we can keep costs low without sacrificing stability, performance or security.

Open Architecture - Team, Business, and Private cloud options allow you to dial in the appropriate configurations for your enterprise. You can start small and scale up as your business grows, and still never need to buy another server.

Open Vendors - We designed WebAR to allow you to shop for the vendors that provide you with the optimal pricing and capability. Our built-in templating interface allows for easy integration to any letter, enrichment, payment, dialer or credit reporting vendors. We have a few preferred provider partners, but you are free to choose your own.

Open API - If real-time system or vendor integration is critical to your operation, we have the solution. Leveraging  our modern platform we have created an Open API that is available for our Business and Enterprise customers.

Open Minds - We constantly search for new and better ways to help our customers be effective, improve processes, solve problems and seize opportunities.

We are commited to "Relentless Innovation."


Open Architecture