Integrations Make Us Stronger

Our core competancy is building and operating our web-based debt collection software platform for: 

Nobody does this better than InterProse. 

Our third-party vendors, some of whom are listed below, do what they do better than anyone else and we want our customers to have access to their services. Examples include:

  • Letter services
  • Auto-dialers
  • Voicemail Drop communications
  • SMS Text messaging communications
  • Data enrichment providers
  • Payment processors
  • Credit reporting

These are just a few of the valuable integrations we support through our open-API, cloud-based software platform. We can even support technologies like real-time voice stress analysis, although no one has asked for it yet. 

Get ready to hear "yes, we can do that" a lot.

AWS - Amazon Web Services
TCN - Predictive Dialing, Interactive Voice Messaging, Interactive Voice Response
Solutions by Text - Compliant, integrated text messaging services
4Processing.com - Merchant services, payment processing
VoApps - Voicemail Drops
CompuMail - direct mail and media services
IntelitechGroup - Data Analytics & Consulting
BillingTree - payment processing
Renkim - print and electronic mail solutions
finastra - payment processing, fintech
CallFire - calling and text messaging solutions
Payscout - merchant services, payment processing
RePay, real time electronic payments
Livevox - cloud contact center solutions
RevSpring - multi-channel communications
BASE Commerce - payment processing, ACH, Credit, Debit
FocusOne - document communication provider
EFT Network, Inc. - ACH & check payment processing
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TransUnion logo.png
experian logo.png
Equifax logo.jpg

Nice Comments From Great Partners

  • "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Interprose for more than a decade now. I can say with full confidence these guys are the best in the business. What separates them from the pack is their stellar customer service and their willingness to make each client feel like their only client. Supreme product and supreme customer support equals supreme solution. It’s been a great ten years and I look forward to the next ten!!"

    Jason Graves

    VP | 4Processing.com

  • “We are proud to be partnering with InterProse. We strive to work within a space where compliance is on the forefront of providing SMS solutions for business communication. InterProse provides a debt collection software that clearly measures up to those guidelines. InterProse has continually shown a level of innovation and attention to detail that is truly impressive.”

    Jim Travis

    VP, Marketing | Solutions by Text