About The InterProse Corporation

A Brief History

InterProse is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with corporate offices in Vancouver, Washington.

Originally founded as a data integration company in 1996, InterProse leveraged their knowledge to transition into the preeminent provider of web-based products and solutions for accounts receivable and debt management.

Released in 1996, Cartographer was originally InterProse's flagship product. Cartographer was a data conversion software application that allowed business partners to easily and quickly exchange data between their systems.

In July 2000, InterProse acquired internet technology company Mt. Hood Media and committed their future to developing robust cloud computing collection solutions. That year celebrated the first release of WebAR, a cloud-based application that provides advanced automation and intelligent account routing to proactively manage accounts with extremely effective results. WebAR facilitates payment management and reporting. It delivers unparalleled time and resource efficiencies to all users and is supported by continuously enhanced state-of-the-art technology. It's a low-cost, easy-to-use, and feature-rich application, developed by InterProse, that serves thousands of users and processes tens of thousands of payments monthly.

InterProse creates technology that makes good business sense for their clients, recognizing it's all about using technology to do more with less, and develops world-class, enterprise-capable solutions that satisfy today's ambitious investment return requirements. InterProse's products allow for critical business processes to be implemented in days instead of months, contributing significantly to time and personnel resource savings.

InterProse is committed to building integrity into every product and partnership, delivering world-class technology to our customers and solutions that empower them to achieve maximum profitability.

The InterProse Corporation was founded by a team of computer software professionals with over 60 years of combined collections industry and information systems experience.

Mt Hood - Pacific Northwest InterProse Headquarters