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Payment Services

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InterProse offers a wide range of payment services from ACH to credit card processing. A unique feature of our payment service is that all balancing and reconciliation can be done right in WebAR. You will not have to go out to a third party website to track down your payments. We pull together all settlements and match them up to their transactions in WebAR.

ACH Express

ACH Express is our versatile ACH (electronic bank transaction) product. Often times ACH transactions are less expensive than credit card transactions and offer a secure and timely funds transfer into your bank account.

ACH Express supports a wide range of transactions types including:
  • WEB, Web Initiated-Entry (Payments made through our Ammina™ Virtual Agent web site)
  • TEL, Telephone Initiated-Entry (Payments taken over the phone by an agent)
  • RCK, Returned Check Representment (Redeposited NSF checks)
  • PPD, Prearranged Payment and Deposits (Customer preapproved deposits)
  • ARC, Accounts Receivable Conversion (Automated Check Scanning)

Merchant Express

Merchant Express is InterProses's answer to integrated credit card processing. Whether processing a telephone or a web payment you get approval back in real time. No waiting for batch jobs or waiting for a terminal to free up.

Merchant Accounts

InterProse has a tremendous relationship with its merchant account provider so if you have had difficulty in the past getting a merchant account or are paying high credit card fees. Get Your Merchant Account Today

Bank Identification Number (BIN) Database

This amazing new feature will allow your company to specifically define the card type (debit or credit) and the card issuer. A service that your clients often require for internal and web payments.


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